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Gold Coast Settlement Services

GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES is a FULL service title and escrow company dedicated to providing exceptional title insurance. real estate closing, and settlement related services for ALL types of Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions throughout the ENTIRE State of Florida.

GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES provides comprehensive title insurance protection and professional settlement services for home buyers and sellers, real estate agents and brokers, mortgage lenders, commercial property professionals, home builders and developers  to facilitate real estate purchases, construction, refinances or equity loans. 

​GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES is backed by the nation’s largest underwriters, which allows us to provide s comprehensive title searches, title clearance and title insurance policies, to help to produce clear property titles and enable the efficient transfer of real estate.

GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES offers a  variety of Title and Settlement Services such as Residential and Commercial Title Insurance, Escrow and Settlement Services, Signing Services, 1031 Exchange Services, and a variety of other services, which can be catered to your specific transaction.

GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES realizes the importance of efficiency and time. Our company orders payoffs, insurances, city lien letters, surveys, inspections, and aids ALL parties in the transaction in any way possible.

GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES is fully automated which allows for an efficient and time saving transaction, both Pre and Post Closing.

GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES realizes the importance of staying abreast of the latest rules and regulations governing the real estate industry. Each of the owners of the company individually has in excess of 25 years experience in the title insurance, and real estate related industry. In addition our company maintains a continuing education program for its owner's and staff to assure that all transactions are handled both in a compliant and a professional manner.

Contact GOLD COAST SETTLEMENT SERVICES today to assist you with your real estate related needs . . . Call us TOLL FREE at: 1-844-575-7800